Date: June 21, 2022

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Online


Association “Solar Academy Bulgaria”, “Greenpeace” – Bulgaria, Ministry of Education, Bulgarian Solar Association, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Regional Department of Education (RDE), Schools with specialized RES classes, Business representatives

Representatives from the business and education sectors unanimously agree that professions related to the renewable energy sector should be promoted among young individuals. This consensus was reached during the event “Education and Business Collaborating for the Energy Transition,” which took place on June 21. During the event, participants discussed challenges related to student training, hands-on experience, and the overall status of the renewable energy sector in Bulgaria.

The event was jointly organized by “Greenpeace” – Bulgaria and the newly established association “Solar Academy Bulgaria” (Solar Academy). These organizations have come together with the shared goal of enhancing the connection between education and the business realm.

The gathering was graced by the presence of Eng. Veselin Todorov, Founder and Chairman of the Association “Solar Academy Bulgaria,” Balin Balinov, Coordinator of the “Energy Solutions” campaign at “Greenpeace” – Bulgaria, Marieta Georgieva, Deputy Minister of Education, Anton Zhelev, Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Solar Association, and Tsvetan Simeonov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, alongside representatives from schools, RES sector companies, and the Regional Department of Education.

All participants rallied around the notion that promoting professions tied to the renewable energy sector among young people is essential. They collectively agreed that achieving this goal necessitates appropriate informational campaigns, facilitating student engagements with businesses, and showcasing successful examples of accomplished specialists. Furthermore, a collaborative project to identify schools offering RES specialties and companies within their regions will be initiated to foster contact and future collaboration between these entities.

In the coming autumn, “Greenpeace” – Bulgaria and the association “Solar Academy Bulgaria” (Solar Academy) intend to convene another meeting between the business and education sectors. This gathering will focus on outlining specific, long-term strategies to advance professions within the renewable energy sector and provide internships for students from specialized classes.