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About the association

Solar Academy Bulgaria

The current strategy of the European Union defines green energy and innovations in this direction as the main factors for achieving sustainability, growth, and development of the member countries.

The EU and all its member states have signed and ratified the Paris Agreement and are strongly committed to its implementation. In line with this commitment, EU countries agreed to chart a course that will make the EU the first climate-neutral economy and society by 2050. As required by the agreement, before the end of 2020, the EU presented its long-term strategy for reducing emissions and its updated climate plans, committing to reducing EU emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

The Association SOLAR ACADEMY BULGARIA was founded at the end of 2021 in response to the need for increased awareness, the establishment of a sustainable strategy for the development of the energy sector in Bulgaria, and the support of education to meet the new needs of the labor market.

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The activities of the Association envision the creation of information campaigns aimed at promoting the advantages of renewable energy sources to prospective investors and the general public, addressing areas of concern, and providing support for education and training within the sector. The association will execute these campaigns through media appearances, social networks, the organization of conferences, seminars, open lectures, the exchange of best practices with countries that have made advancements in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, and other initiatives.



One of the main reasons for establishing the Association is the growing need for training highly qualified specialists in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. The Association aims to assist universities and schools in updating their curricula and improving relationships with businesses, while also providing quality information to the public about the benefits of renewable energy sources.

Many European countries are actively pursuing decarbonization, which will consequently lead to a decrease in non-renewable energy jobs. In light of this situation, there is a necessity to take initiative in two directions: firstly, to provide training for new highly qualified specialists in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, and secondly, to facilitate the retraining of professionals who are currently engaged in non-renewable energy sectors.

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The association will work in the following areas:

Supporting educational institutions in developing high-quality training programs for specialists in the field.

Organizing open events with guest speakers to enhance the educational experience in schools and universities.

Establishing practical training courses.

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Creating a valuable community that upholds consistent rules and norms is an exceptional solution for sector development and maintaining a positive image and trust among companies engaged in various projects related to renewable energy sources.

The association aims to:

It aims to create better opportunities for investors and consumers.

It involves reducing administrative burdens.

It collaborates with the state to establish a sustainable strategy for energy sector development.

It establishes uniform standards related to companies executing various projects.