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Code of Ethics

Association Solar Academy Bulgaria

This code encompasses moral and ethical principles governing the behavior of members within the Solar Academy Bulgaria association. The Board of Directors of the association has endorsed it with the intention of establishing shared values and behavioral norms within the solar industry sector.

The association's members are unified in their commitment to the following principles:

Unconditional compliance with and respect for the rule of law, along with the safeguarding of fundamental and universal values like human dignity, freedom, equality, and solidarity.

Actions that run counter to legal regulations or established business practices are unacceptable, regardless of the justifications behind them.

Members maintain their independence when making decisions in their work processes and avoid yielding to unregulated direct or indirect influences from public entities, organizations, or individuals.

Members refrain from participating in unfair competition or any competition that could harm the reputation of the industry, other companies, or society at large.

Members issue public statements on subjects related to the sector and professional development, adhering to fundamental codes of conduct. They take care to uphold the industry's reputation within the community and only assert claims to the community that they genuinely believe in.

Providing high-quality products and services in line with the quality standards established within the sector.

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