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NOVA News: The procedures for building small photovoltaic plants have been simplified

The procedures for the construction of small photovoltaic plants have been simplified by introducing a real notification regime. Power plants for own use will be built without a building permit when installing power up to 20KW.

“We have been expecting this change since 2018. Since then, the directive has been to ease the regime. In the West this is happening, in Bulgaria 5 years later there is progress. The change is entirely in the service of the public, and in particular of residential users, as it enables residential users to put their photovoltaic plants on the roofs without the need to wait for the long and cumbersome procedure for a building permit”, explained Eng. Veselin Todorov – Chairman of the Solar Academy Bulgaria Association.

This opens up a considerable market both for the installation of photovoltaic plants and for the independence of household users from the energy transmission system.

“Until now, the procedure has been difficult and complicated. And the most complicated part was related to obtaining the so-called construction permit, since the photovoltaic plants in Bulgaria have until now been subject to a construction permit, regardless of whether they are 1, 2, 5 or 100 KW”, added Engineer Veselin Todorov.

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