Solar Academy Bulgaria is a member of Solar Power Europe

The “Solar Academy Bulgaria” Association has now officially become a member of Solar Power Europe, an organization that represents the solar energy sector on a European scale.

This strategic partnership aligns with the objectives of the Solar Academy Bulgaria Association to expand its reach and collaboration within the European solar energy community. Solar Power Europe is a significant industry association that unites key stakeholders, including NGOs, businesses, policymakers, and researchers, with a common mission to advance the adoption of solar energy and shape supportive policies across Europe.

Through its affiliation with Solar Power Europe, the Solar Academy Bulgaria Association gains access to an extensive network of industry experts and a platform for advocacy, knowledge exchange, and policy formulation at the highest European echelons.

“We are thrilled to have become a member of Solar Power Europe and to be part of this dynamic community that propels the transition to renewable energy in Europe. This partnership will significantly enhance our ability to contribute to the growth of the solar energy sector in Bulgaria and establish meaningful collaborations at the European level. Membership in Solar Power Europe opens new avenues for the ‘Solar Academy Bulgaria’ Association to engage in European initiatives, projects, and working groups focused on research, development, and education in the field of solar energy,” stated Dr. Eng. Veselin Todorov, founder and chairman of the “Solar Academy Bulgaria” Association.

Solar Academy Bulgaria’s membership in Solar Power Europe underscores the shared vision of expediting the shift to clean energy and realizing a sustainable future.

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